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Eclipse (2024 Mix)

In a field with other hearts
Lying, entwined, whispering songs
We waited for an eclipse that never came
The earth ‘tween moon and sun
The rarest of events, begun
Two bodies drawing closer in the void
You saw in me, an energy
I saw you as gravity
You began to wrench me from myself
And days, months, and years they came
In our minds, but all the same
The heavens laid before us in ourselves

This time, my voice is singing
This time, my heart is singing
This time, I can’t help thinking
Why can’t I let go of me

But the heavens harboured clouds
Like thoughts never said aloud
We never saw earth’s shadow pass before
For time and matters hid from view
My feelings, the truest you
Future overcast with ancient fears
In love, too late, fate decreed
That perigee turn to apogee
Two bodies would eventually drift away
And if time could bend magically
I’d shun heaven for the chance to be
With you again, and bust those clouds away

This time, my voice is breaking
This time, my heart is breaking
This time, I can’t help thinking
Why, oh why…
Why am I…

Who was the sun, the moon, you or me
And damn to hell that earth between
No answers in the ether all around
For these moments in all time and space
With you then, now alone, I face
Trices too rare and brief to be retained
But the moon goes on, and we'll be dust
To light again on others’ trust
The universe is blind to smaller things
And in those days, months, and years
That pass before you, me, and time disappear
The memories, like the light, will slip away
They will slip away

Lyrics and Music © 2022, 2024 Chris Sunfield. Administered by Dasein Music Publishing.

Chris Sunfield: Guitars, Keyboards, Arrangements, Lead & Backing Vocals

David Chester: Piano
Aubrey Dayle: Drums & Percussion

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