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Chris Sunfield quietly wrote songs for decades while doing something else for a living. A period of adversity forced him to focus on music as a way of soul-searching. It led to his re-invention as a recording artist.

Chris’s EP Far Away Objects dropped on all platforms in January, 2022. Filled with baroque and symphonic pop stylings, Far Away Objects is an existential and cosmological journey, as well as a clarion call to listeners to live authentically and realize their full potential before it’s too late.

Since his debut in 2020, Chris has focused mostly on recording pop songs of his that languished in a box for years. He has recently begun to work on alternative pop and rock that is more ambient, ethereal, and experimental in nature.

“Begin to become you” – from the song Begin

Chris writes all lyrics, music, and arrangements for other instruments. He sings vocals, plays guitars and keyboards, and sometimes plays bass and drums.

a life re-imagined in music

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