Chris Sunfield is a new figure on the Canadian music scene who confidently defies pop genre labels. He’s quickly gaining attention with The Little Things, a quirky, retro, sunshine pop song on steroids. Out soon will be the bold and edgy Predator, and Walk On Down This Road, an ethereal dance pop mini-symphony.

Sunfield’s style morphs from song to song. He flirts with genres such as progressive pop, symphonic pop, and epic pop, with classical and ambient undertones. He writes and arranges all songs and plays all guitars and keyboards, with some bass and percussion. He handles most lead vocals, but also features vocalists such as Jessica Leung and Victoria Raims.


Then there’s the lyrics. In a world where many pop songs are not meant to be ‘read’, Chris’s poetics explore thought-provoking, existential and cosmological issues, with the od dash of humour. His messages often convey themes of self-reflection, authenticity, and realizing one’s full potential.


Finally, Sunfield is new, but not so new. He’s been doing something else for a living for some time. His story starts as a child in subsidized housing. He entered into a university music program at age 18 after an audition, with no formal training and without reading music. He soon left the program and became a PhD in psychology and a corporate suit.


Although content with life, it was Sunfield’s major regret that he never made good on any of the music that he wrote over the years. Then came a period of adversity that changed everything.


Sunfield was living alone in his home in the suburbs while recovering from an accident and dealing with the deaths of two close friends. It was during this time that he dug out his guitars, keyboards, and drums, and wrote the forthcoming song Eclipse from start to finish – his first completed song in 15 years. He discovered that his talent had not left him. The experience left him feeling as though he had ‘stepped into’ his former, authentic self.


Within two months, Sunfield sold his home, moved back to the central Toronto, and embarked on a new life that included being a re-born songwriter and musician.