Lyrics and Music by Chris Sunfield

Smiling so sweetly, dimples and all  

While you hide the trophy heads on your wall

Beauty and beast in brilliant disguise  

Bait for the broken wings that catch your eye

Coiling around, strike when they’re rapt

Love bomb your prey as they squirm in your trap

Practice you care in the mirror  

You’re a predator  

The pigeon is dry, of no further need  

Toss away, walk away, find your next place to feed

But they’re still breathing, after you part

Find friendly ways to continue to rape their hearts

Vanished from sight, but surfacing soon

To promise another chance to be consumed

But you don’t remember their names  

You’re a predator  

Swallow me whole  

Baby swallow me whole

Lyrics and Music © 2021 Chris Sunfield. Administered by Dasein Music Publishing.

Chris Sunfield: Guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, lead & backing vocals

Ya Favourite Lightskin: Rap & backing vocal

Vicky Rai: Backing vocals

Michael Hanson: Drums


Lyrics and Music by Chris Sunfield

We got into our cars
And we drove off to the stars
But we all ran out of gas
We never made it further than Mars
Then we flew up to the Sun
On wings held with spirit gum
But the Moon got in the way
Our flying days were over and done
Sometimes other worlds get in our way, and spoil our play
But this world lies before us every day
And it makes us say…

Somewhere out of this world
Is where you’d like to be
But somewhere inside this world
The little things wait for me
Somewhere, for what it’s worth
Your Planet Earth is here
(But then…)

We went to Saturn’s rings
To see the wonders that they bring
But they were made of odd socks we’d lost
And other missing things
Now the story rambles on
We launched a rocket from the lawn
But we forgot to get inside
We watched it as it kissed the great beyond
Sometimes other worlds, they get us wound, and let us down
But hope still springs around us from familiar ground

So the moral of this whimsical tune
About planets, stars, and moons
Is keep on chasing bigger things
But don’t forget the little things
Live and love the little things
Ah, the little things…

Live and love a little longer
Live and love your life a little longer.
Lyrics and Music © 2018 Chris Sunfield. Administered by Dasein Music Publishing.

Chris Sunfield: Lead & backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, bongos, tambourine

Vicky Rai: Backing vocals

Michael Hanson: Bass guitar, drums, backing vocal