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A life re-imagined in music.


Chris Sunfield's second video "Predator" is an abrupt about-face following his sunshine pop debut "The Little Things". It’s a provocative poison pen letter to romantic predators and toxic narcissists, exposing their psychopathic and Machiavellian ways.


The video is a black and white montage of Art Deco images from the past and present. Sunfield and model Jelena Rusic heat up the main plot until featured rapper Ya Favourite Lightskin dials in the final assault. Scattered throughout are images of silent film vamps and femme fatales in the process of ensnaring their hapless prey.


Model: Jelena Rusic

Cameras: Chan Khamphoomee, Quest

Editor: Daniel Philbrooks

Storyboard & Direction: Chris Sunfield

A life re-imagined in music.

Chris Sunfield is relatively new to the music scene after quietly writing songs in obscurity for many years. While his singles tend to explore classic pop idioms, his future EP’s will show more baroque and symphonic stylings. Chris writes and arranges all songs and plays all guitars. Lyrically, his releases will increasingly explore existential issues with themes of personal re-awakening and authenticity. This reflects Chris having spent much of his life doing other things before finally making good on his music later in life. Chris has more singles and an EP planned for 2021.



Predator Official Video - MAY 28
New singles - JULY 16 & SEPT 3
"Begin" EP - FALL 2021